Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Reception Site

We booked our reception site about a month ago. It's the Fairfield Banquet & Convention Center here in Cincinnati, OH. I'm actually very happy with it. It was the best price for all the things included. We are having our reception in the "Diamond Room" which is the smallest of the 3 banquet rooms they have, but is plenty big enough for us since we are hoping to keep our guest list around 100-125 people.

When I first went to visit and saw the room with one of my bridesmaids, Anna, I loved the room but hated the way it was painted and some of the decorations. It just looked a little dated. The walls were a pale peach color and the accents were a light green color. However, I was willing to deal with that for the price, all the things included, and the general facility was really quite nice. Weeks later I took my fiance back to see the place just to make sure he was ok with it too before I paid the deposit.... and SURPRISE! They had repainted everything. The room is all crisp and white. This was the best thing I could have hoped for. So, now I am quite excited.  Here's a picture from their website of our room.


Tonjala said...

I love the newly made over reception site!!!! I can't wait, it's gonna be so beautiful!!!

Mrs T said...

Love all the sparkly lights.

just another Belle said...

love the room! what a great suprise that it's not in the 80s anymore! the week after I booked my venue they started a total renovation!