Saturday, July 31, 2010


Been too long since I last posted. Things are moving along these days. We are still about a 15 and a half months away from our wedding. Gosh, it seems SO far away... but I have to remind myself that we started out with almost 23 months away from the wedding so time is ticking by pretty good.

I have lots of DIY projects to post and recently have stepped up my DIY efforts as I realized that with as many as I have to do, I should probably get started.  I may be being a little over ambitious with the DIY projects but I just want to do as many as I can to make our wedding budget friendly and very personalized.

I've also been back on my healthy eating and exercise plan or the past 2 weeks. I took too much of a break during my birthday a few weeks ago. I'm back on it now though. Not just because I'm a bride-to-be but I've been attempting this for the past few years. I've lost about 35 pounds or so, but things kind of stalled after that point. I want to get back on it because I want to LOVE my wedding pictures and not look at them and think about how I hate my flabby arms and chubby face. I know it's not about how I look though, it's about the committment I am making that day. But I'd like to love the pictures that I'll be spending so much money on.  I also want to get healthier because we are planning on starting a family soon after we are married and I have already had some problems down in the lady parts with Fibroid tumors and such so I'd like to be healthy so I can be the best expectant mother that I can be. I want to give my future babies a good home for those 9 months and I want to be around a long, long time and watch them grow-up.

In other news, the fiance's sister is getting married 2 weeks from today. So that's exciting. We are considering using the same family friend as our DJ that she's using at her reception so I'll get to see him in action to know if we want to use him for our reception too. It'll be a fun time. I love my fiance's family. They are the greatest and I can't wait to be an official member of their family.

Anyway... have a great weekend, ladies! I'll try to start posting all my DIY and other post soon