Sunday, January 30, 2011

The chair cover situation

Chair covers are not a necessity by any means. However, the chairs at our reception site aren't the most eye-pleasing things to go look at and I really think it'd just help pull things together if I had chair covers. Also, the white tablecloths included in our reception price aren't floor length, so I feel like chair covers help give the illusion of longer table cloths and cover the gap between the table cloth and the floor.

Anyway.... I contemplated trying to make them myself, but then realized that between the price of fabric and my very novice sewing skills that it just wouldn't be worth it.

Then I talked to our reception place yesterday about renting them. The problems with this were 1) It's $2.50 per chair cover w/ sash. 2) They don't even have any of my colors in sashes yet. They said they might be ordering a pale pink sash later this year, but there was no guarantee. 3) I hate paying almost $300 only to have nothing to show for it in the end.

Then I scoured the wedding sites to see if I could buy used ones. Typically they were all sold before I could get to them. Apparently I'm not quick enough on the WeddingBee classifieds. lol. It's also a little scary to buy from someone you don't know and have never heard of, not to mention that most of the sellers on there are asking a price close to what I can buy my own for.

So... in the end I decided to buy new chair covers (hopefully I can sell them to another bride after our wedding and recoup some of the cost) from  They are having a sale right now where their white polyester banquet chair covers are $1.97 each, plus I had a 10% off coupon code for January (they give them out on their Twitter account), AND they have free shipping right now if your order is over $50.

So.... I bought 110 brand new chair covers for $195. That comes out to about $1.77 per chair cover!

This does not include a sash. I have not purchased sashes yet, though I will probably also buy the sashes from the same site. I am waiting because they have a rewards point program and for every 1000 points you accrue you can get $10 off an order. Rewards points can be accrued by registering on their site, signing up for the e-mail newsletter, reviewing a product, and for every dollar you spend there. Hopefully I'll accrue enough to get $10 off my sash order at a later date. I have been searching other places to see if I can find any cheaper, but no luck yet.

Once I receive the chair covers I'll let you know what I think about them.

*I have absolutely no affiliation with They did not pay me or give me any sort of additional discount for this post. I simply liked their site and made my purchase.*


AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...
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AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

What a great deal. Sometimes with the right coupons, timing and deals - you can totally Save! Great job!

Christine said...

Ooo! Just found your blog, it's great! I'm standing up in a wedding in October, and we need all the budget-beauty inspiration we can get! Thanks for blogging your fantastic creative solutions: good luck! -Christine