Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DIY: Bridesmaid Bouquets

These were basically pre-made bouquets from Michael's. I believe they were originally $7.99, but I used a coupon for each one making them only $3.99 each. (I typically wouldn't have gone with a pre-made bouquet but I love the color of these roses.) And since you can only use one coupon per transaction, I also enlisted my sister (the MOH) and the fiance to each purchase one with one of my coupons so we could condense our trips to Michael's.   :-)
Ok, so then I just wrapped each bouquet in standard brown satin ribbon. They still looked like they were missing something. So I put a single strip of lace, left over from my DIY lace hair flower, around the middle and then inserted 3 diamond type pins in the stems. During the process I arranged the flowers like I wanted them, but then some of the stems were a little too long so I had to trim the ends (see tip below).
I absolutely looooooove them. I can't explain it. They are just the epitome of everything I want in my wedding... they've got the pink, the brown, the lace, the romantic/rustic feel to them.  I. LOVE. THEM.
TIP: Don't cut your finger with scissors during the process like I did. It was quite a deep cut, and was bleeding everywhere and definitely impeded my DIY attempts today. However, now my bridesmaids can know that I put LITERALLY my blood, sweat, and tears into their bouquets. I'm sure they'll love that thought....

These are also going to be sitting on the head tables as decoration at the reception. I will be putting glass jars (recycled from things we use at home so these were free) at several spots along the table for each girl to sit their bouquet in.


AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

Those DIY's look really simple to do yet very fabulous and pretty. I'm not good at DIY, so a bit jealous at those who can do it. I think these are great!