Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY: Groomsmen gifts- Etched glass mugs

I love the look of the personalized large beer mugs for groomsmen gifts, but I don't love the $40+ price tag. So, I decided to DIY this one too. I chose to do just the first letter of each guy's last name.

- Contact paper ($1 at The Dollar Tree)
- Printed letter in preferred font (Free. Done from my computer and printed at home on regular paper.)
- Small paint brush (Free. Already had on hand)
- Exacto knife (Free. Already had on hand)
- Glass etching cream (Free. Given to me by one of my BFF's who used it for her wedding last year and had some left over.
- Glass mug ($1 each at The Dollar Tree. Seriously... these are heavy, about 7 inches tall, and look like nice quality too!)

1- Tape your printed letter to a piece of contact paper (The side that you'll be looking at after you stick it to the mug.)
2- Cut carefully around the letter (also cutting through the contact paper since it's taped underneath) with the knife, leaving a stencil made of contact paper when finished.
3- Stick your contact paper stencil on the mug. Be sure to center and smooth out and make sure all edges are stuck securely to the glass so that cream doesn't ooze under any parts of the stencil.
4- Paint over open part of stencil with glass etching cream (read directions on your brand for instruction on how long to leave it on. Also... be careful not to get too much on yourself as this can burn your skin. So maybe wear some gloves, ok?)
5- Wash cream off (I left mine on for about 2-3 minutes each time) with warm water until all is removed from the glass.
6- Peel off stencil and admire your handy work.

Ta-Da! I love them! No, they aren't perfect, but they are still great! (trying so hard to not be such a control-freak/perfectionist when it comes to all things wedding related). So, there you have it.... 4 personalized etched glass large beer mugs for a total of $5! That's a TOTAL budget bride victory!!!
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Kallista Weijola said...

What size and style font did you use? I really like the look of these. I'm doing monogrammed mugs of the same size, and I was planning to do three letters on each so I had the initials, but the letters are far too small.

Personalized Glass Mugs said...

This is really simple yet, this will be a great gifts for Christmas. I'm so excited to try this one and I hope that my first etched glass mugs will be successful.

Anonymous said...

Useful information, saved me a lot of money. No thanks Martha Stewart... $$$$....

Anonymous said...

I cannot seem to do this! Help! I'm doing something wrong