Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crunch Time!

Well, I haven't posted in quite a while.... almost 4 months, actually. In reality I haven't really had much to post about because I've been a slacker bride. However, now that we are officially past the "100 days" mark, it's time to get serious. As of today we have 94 days until the wedding... and I'm SOOO far behind! Eeek!

I mean... seriously, where did all the time go?!?! We have had a long engagement (almost 23 months) so at times it seemed like we'd never get to this point. But now, here we are... a mere 94 days away. It feels unreal. I remember reading other wedding blogs and feeling so jealous that they were getting so close to their weddings. For the most part, everything is planned and picked. It's just the execution that I have to work on now. I think I may have taken on way too many DIY projects. I have eliminated a few that I decided that I could live without, but the others are important to me and I need to get them done. I realize that not many guests are going to really care about our ceremony programs or the pew decorations, etc. But those things are important to me. I want to set a tone for our wedding. I want to have no regrets when it's over. So while a lot of the projects are intended for other people to see, they really are for me too. It's my day and I want it to be fabulous and have lots of special details.

I've enlisted the help of my MOH (my little sister) and two bridesmaids to help me with the rest of the projects. We are having our second DIY "party" this weekend and then another DIY "party" in September. Hopefully we'll be able to get everything finished and I'll have lots of pictures.

I do have a few DIY projects to post that have been finished over the past few months... so hopefully I'll get a chance to post those soon!