Saturday, August 7, 2010

DIY Personalized Napkins

I'm all about having as many personal touches to our wedding as we can. Deep down one of my biggest fears is that I'll look like a generic bride and our wedding will feel like a generic "cookie cutter" wedding. That's just not my style and not what I want. Now, our isn't going to be anything crazy strange or anything like that, but I definitely want to have as many little unique personalized touches as I can.

So... as I'm sure many of you have seen on the numerous wedding sites we all visit, they sell napkins that you can have personalized with your name and wedding date. They are cute but I just can't justify spending so much money on something people are going to wipe their mouths with. So, I decided to just to a more simple DIY version.

First I got an ink pad from Michael's (again, used a coupon. I hardly buy anything at Michael's without using a 40% off coupon). You have to make sure for things like napkins that you get the pigment ink because it's water resistant. It doesn't bleed when a sweating glass is placed on it and it won't wipe off onto your guests faces (I tested it out to make sure).

I already had the clear acrylic stamp blocks from Michael's (40% off coupon again) from when I first thought we were going to attempt embossing, which didn't really work out as great as I thought. I found this little pack of "W" stamps in one of the dollar bins at Michael's during one of my many trips there. We ended up using the one in the bottom right.

Then I went to Dollar Tree and got 4 packs of 20 pale pink napkins. I also had an open pack of white from when I attempted embossing in my earlier days so I used those too.  Then I just started stamping away. I let the fiance have some say in what stamp we used. I tried several (not pictured) but he just liked the plain "w" the best. Some of the more intricate stamps don't look as clean or nice when stampng on a napkin, so that's another reason we stuck with a simple design.

Ended up with around 100 napkins for a about $7.

Nothing too fancy, but still cute.... and super easy to accomplish.


Brittany said...

Long time to talk! Life has been CRAZY busy lately. LOVE LOVE LOVE your DIY napkins! And what a deal, you go girl!