Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Frame and Poem for the Guestbook Table

Another quick and easy one today.

I found some frames from the dollar store that were kind of rustic looking. They gave me the shabby chic vibe that I was going for.... except they were totally the wrong color. Their original color (which I forgot to photograph) reminded me more of an outhouse, which isn't really the vibe I'm going for at my wedding.

So.... last weekend I went to BM Tonja's house and we had a spray paint party. She was nice enough to let me use their deck and help me paint. (It's a little hard and kinda unsafe to be spray painting in my apartment, I guess.)

So I spray painted the frames ivory. They came out pretty good. I am thinking of making them a little more "rustic" by using some sandpaper on them to give them that antique/vintage vibe, but I haven't officially decided yet.  Then I typed up a poem to put in the frame to kind of explain our guest "book".

I've never really been a fan of the traditional guestbook, just because I'd hate to just put it away on a shelf and that be the end of it. So months ago I came across this photo (Sorry, can't remember where or I'd give credit where credit is due.) and knew that's what I wanted to do. We went to a second hand record shop and each bought a record of our favorite old bands. I picked an album by "The Doors" (I Loooove me some Jim Morrison) and the fiance picked an album by "Led Zepplin". We'll have the guest sign them with paint pens and then hang them in some collectible display cases (larger than the one pictured) that I got on sale at Michael's a few months back.

Anyway.... so I typed up the poem and put it in the frame. The first 2 lines I read somewhere on the web (again, I'm bad about remembering where I saw things. Sorry) and the rest I just made up. It's not perfect, in my mind, but I'm trying not to be a perfectionist when it comes to all things wedding. And since this is something that most people may not even read I didn't want to spend too much time on it.

In case you can't read it, the poem says:

Instead of a guestbook
stuck in a drawer,
Alex and Samantha
thought they would do more.

Please sign your name
or leave them a note,
so all their lives
they can read what you wrote.

Thank you for sharing
in their wonderful day,
and for helping to celebrate
in your own special way.